What causes teeth clenching and how you can stop it?

teeth clenching

For some people, clenching of teeth is more of a habit and doesn’t lead to any problems or diseases but consistent teeth grinding for years, wears down your jaws and makes them weak. In many instances, teeth clenching also causes severe headaches and earaches.

Now coming down to the reason behind teeth clenching, it is safe to say that almost in 80% of the cases, teeth grinding occurs subconsciously while a person is sleeping. Many contributing factors such as stress or anxiety further aggravate the situation.


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Review of the Best 5 mouthwash in Australia

mouthwash review

Mouthwash is an added positive habit to help with oral health; it helps in reducing cavities and periodontal disease as well keeping your mouth plaque free. But most importantly, everyday usage of mouthwash helps in making your mouth feel fresh and smell better so you won’t have to worry about bad breath or hide your smile while interacting with people. Even though mouthwash has a lot of benefits, yet it shouldn’t be the only thing to rely on for good oral health, rather it should be the final step in the oral hygiene process, both in the morning and the evening.

The Australian Dental Association provides people with a list of medically approved mouthwash products.


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Why we love whitening (and you should too!)

Whitening smile

Dental cosmetics are one of the most sought for product in the market today. Not everybody can afford a nose job but dental surgery and cosmetic procedures are now in the affordable rate, due to ever advancing technology. According to a survey 90% of people think that a white perfect smile has a positive effect on the opposite gender. The same survey states that 70% people think that career progression is based upon a perfect smile which portrays a positive personality. Apart from this survey there are many advantages which are why we love teeth whitening and you should love and pursue it too.

Some of the advantages attached with a perfect white smile are:


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How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

Stree vs Oral Health

We’ve discussed many issues that pertain to you and your oral health. There are tons of things that can lead up to poor dental hygiene and oral health, but we’ve got some things that might just surprise you. While stress affects everyone differently, the one thing it doesn’t change is the way it affects your oral health. You see, when people are under stress, they’re prone to habits that can reflect in their oral health which can lead to other issues that will have you visiting your dentist.

How Stress Affects Your Oral Health


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Did You Know That Oral Health Affects Overall Wellness ?

oral Health

There are proven studies and links that suggest that oral health plays a large factor in what goes on with the rest of our body. In fact, there are factors that a dentist can immediately tell by looking at your mouth that indicate more serious problems. One of the biggest red flags that our mouths can tell us is when we’re at risk for things like strokes, heart disease, and other underlying health issues that we’re experiencing. This is why it’s so important to see a dentist more regularly so that we can stay healthy both orally and physically. Through various studies, researches and scientists have found that those with bad oral health were more likely to die of things such as a heart attack or stroke than those who took better care of their oral health.

What can I do?


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