What your smile could reveal about your future

How would you react if someone told you that your smile could be an indication of your long-term success? You’re probably scoffing right now, and no one could blame you – it does sound a little bit fanciful.

While it is true our lives are affected by many different factors, one study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley suggests our smile may mean a lot more than we think.

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Be more likeable with this one simple trick

Being popular isn’t just something we crave in our school years. While we would like to say that we don’t care what others think, most of us are hard-wired with the desire to be liked. Whether it be in the classroom, the office, the bar or anywhere else, it’s no secret that gaining the affection of those around you makes you feel good.

Of course, the way in which we lead our lives depends on our personality, upbringing and countless other factors. Some people are naturally popular, others will make an effort to please their peers while others again will keep to themselves.

But why do some people have an almost magnetic force around them? What if there was one simple trick you could use to become more likeable?

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The amazing link between smiling and career success

We all want to get ahead in our career. No matter the industry you work in, you’ll hear a thousand different tips about how to rise through the ranks and develop as a professional; these can include the way you dress, your work ethic or how you spend your time outside of work.

But what if there a career booster so simple that no one even talks about it? There is, and it’s your smile.

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What causes teeth clenching and how you can stop it?

teeth clenching

For some people, clenching of teeth is more of a habit and doesn’t lead to any problems or diseases but consistent teeth grinding for years, wears down your jaws and makes them weak. In many instances, teeth clenching also causes severe headaches and earaches.

Now coming down to the reason behind teeth clenching, it is safe to say that almost in 80% of the cases, teeth grinding occurs subconsciously while a person is sleeping. Many contributing factors such as stress or anxiety further aggravate the situation.


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Review of the Best 5 mouthwash in Australia

mouthwash review

Mouthwash is an added positive habit to help with oral health; it helps in reducing cavities and periodontal disease as well keeping your mouth plaque free. But most importantly, everyday usage of mouthwash helps in making your mouth feel fresh and smell better so you won’t have to worry about bad breath or hide your smile while interacting with people. Even though mouthwash has a lot of benefits, yet it shouldn’t be the only thing to rely on for good oral health, rather it should be the final step in the oral hygiene process, both in the morning and the evening.

The Australian Dental Association provides people with a list of medically approved mouthwash products.


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