Choosing Between Teeth Whitening Trays and Laser Teeth Whitening

The latest fad in the modern dentistry is the laser whitening treatment. The procedure provides patients with brighter teeth in a shorter time frame than some other whitening solutions available. It is also risk-free and extremely fast. It can be more expensive, but it is worth the cost as it is just a one-time treatment. Right? Well, the answer is NO.


The reality is that the laser treatment solution is considered to be a new technological innovation to date. However, its response time, sensitivity rate, and safety to the pulp are still a debatable issue.


Comparing Laser Work and Whitening Trays

In spite of the high-technology theory that these lasers can quickly remove the particles from the teeth, it actually does not include cleaning. The dentist has to apply toothpaste with peroxide in a high dose all over the teeth, after which the teeth are heated by using CO2 or argon laser.


Regarding custom trays, the peroxide in it produces molecular oxygen that runs into the exterior of the teeth and clears out stains in a span of few hours. Laser treatments are different as they heat the oxygen process much faster.


Even though it is possible to apply the whitening tray at home and use it for several weeks, laser whitening is likely to clear away the stains after 2 to 4 half-hour applications.


Some Facts to Consider

It is a mistaken belief that the teeth whitening laser process can lighten up your teeth in just one procedure. In fact, this method is considerably quicker than bleaching trays, even with numerous sessions at a standard of half an hour each. It usually makes the person embrace a new way of life a few weeks after the process.


Safety is one of the major discussions about the laser procedure. While the laser application is relatively safe, there are concerns regarding sensitivity, the amount of peroxide, and the mixture of chemicals, which have been debated in the last years. Many people think that the heat of the laser can damage the teeth pulp permanently, while other people are concerned about deteriorating the enamel.


In Conclusion

Probably the most upsetting thing about laser teeth whitening method is the cost, as these procedures are extremely expensive. If this is the approach you opt to take, be ready for the repetitive sessions with the dentist. Whitening trays will also be necessary for maintaining your teeth.


If you decide on custom-made trays for teeth bleaching, it is possible to buy them from a dental professional. If you need to make your teeth whiter in the future, then simply order the carbamide peroxide gel syringes again. These trays will be used for your maintenance. On the whole, it will depend on your preference and budget. Check if your dentist thinks it is the best option for you.