Can Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth

Teeth whitening procedures are safe especially when done correctly and professionally. These treatment methods do not scrape the teeth off. One concern you may experience in the process of bleaching is that your teeth become highly sensitive. If there is an excessive amount of peroxide, you may also feel some discomfort when inhaling cold air.


Teeth bleaching is not harmful. However, it leads to heightened sensitivity since it uncovers the interior areas of the enamel. It gives way to the bleach to seep through the teeth as it whitens the area. You may prevent sensitivity by using a bleaching agent that contains potassium nitrate compound. Besides, it is only a temporary side effect.


On the whole, there is no proof to indicate that teeth whitening has an impact on the overall health. This method is limited to the mouth area, and the chemical compounds in the bleaching process are not that powerful to damage the body.