Do Teeth Whitening Trays Work

You can use the teeth whitening trays at home by putting the gel into the mouth guard. Allow it to stay inside your mouth for about 10 minutes. The bleaching trays contain the same ingredients in the professional dental offices, but only in smaller amounts.


The trays have a vital role to play in whitening your teeth. If you put the gel in your enamel without protecting it, your saliva will likely flush it away. In this case, the bleaching gel does not have enough time to whiten your teeth.


Your dentist will create the perfect mold of the tray that exactly fits your teeth. These whitening trays act as protection and prevent the fluids inside your mouth to dissolve the gel solution. The bleaching agent can properly concentrate on lightening your teeth for the required time frame. Rest assure that the teeth whitening trays can deliver benefits regarding your smile and self-esteem, by performing about two applications every week.